15 Cute Animals Explain the Chem-Dry Process

1.  You realize your carpets might really be disgusting.

01_Surprised Dog

2.  They actually smell pretty bad, too.

02_Rabbit Smell

3.  No matter how much you vacuum, you can’t seem to get your carpets completely clean.

03_Dog Vacuum

4.  For weeks, you try lots of different ways to clean your carpets.

04_Cat Mop

5.  You finally wear yourself out trying to clean your house…

05_Tired Dog

6.  … And give up on trying because it gives you too much frustration.

06_Dog Birthday

7.  Then you hear about Chem-Dry’s famous carpet cleaning process.

07_Llama Turn

8.  Because they use carbonated extraction, it’s safe for the environment…


9.  … And cleans more effectively than any other process!

09_Goat Bath

10.  Plus, the price is a real steal.

10_Raccoon Thief2

11.  You pick up the phone right away and call 1-800-CHEMDRY.

11_Dog on Phone

12.  A Chem-Dry professional visits your home and cleans your carpet to perfection.

12_Pig Bath

13.  In fact, you spend most of the day just lying on your carpet, loving how comfortable it feels.

13_Comfortable Animal

14.  When your friends come to visit, they’re all amazed at how clean your house is.

14_Amazed Dogs

15.  You can now rest comfortably, knowing that you never have to suffer with dirty carpets ever again.