Barry Fisk – Field Manager

Barry Fisk

Barry Fisk

Barry Fisk, Field Manager.  As you can see by Barry’s picture he is quite the fisherman.  He caught this beautiful 20 lb Spring Salmon while on a Father/Son trip one year.

Barry is a Five Star Certified Technician; he holds the IICRC Water Damage Certification as well.  Barry has worked with the company for over 15 years.

If you ask Barry what he loves best about the company he will tell you several things.  First, he will let you know that the products do what they say they will do.  Second, he would say that he enjoys working in a good environment where bad language is not heard or spoken.  Lastly he would tell you that the people he works with have genuine care about one another.

Barry is married to wife Holly and has 2 daughters and 4 sons.  Barry is not without a sense of humor.  When you ask him his Interest & Hobbies he tells you Driving, Driving and Driving.  Barry’s job has him traveling to many locations. He will also tell you kissing his wife.

Now that is a hobby all husbands should have.

Barry is a dedicated family man.