Carpet Cleaning Tips

While having your carpets cleaned is never a bad thing, it’s better to know when to call the cleaners. Simple home remedies may be the most effective and money saving option for many spots and stains, even though you won’t hear that from most cleaning companies. We want to let you in on some of the secrets that the other guys wouldn’t want to tell you.

The first step is to use a white towel and warm water to blot out the spots and stains. Don’t try to aggressively remove the stain by scrubbing or wiping, as these can unravel your carpet fibers and worsen the spot. You will be able to most effectively transfer the stain from the carpet to your towel by carefully blotting it. If this is working, your towel will darken as the stain “transfers” from the carpet. Look often for this transfer. Stop the blotting if you aren’t seeing the towel darken.

The next step is to try the Chem-Dry way. Club soda uses the carbonated bubbles to lift stains from the fibers. Club soda works because of the carbonation bubbles. The break up the stain and lift it to the surface. Chem-Dry has taken this simple concept and developed unique and powerful solutions that have changed the way carpets are cleaned. Like you did with the warm water, use a clean white cloth and dampen and blot the spot with the club soda looking for transfer often. If this method doesn’t rid you of the stain, you’ll know it’s time to call Chem-Dry.

Our powerful, yet gentle techniques make us confident we can finally get rid of those pesky spots and stains by whisking away unwanted particles. At Chem-Dry we firmly believe that if we can’t get it out, No one can!