“Chem-Dry has given us the gift of providing for our own”


Pam Wood

Roy and I still have 2 young children at home. What that tells you is that the challenges that can be had cleaning and maintaining our home go on and on. Our youngest of four boys, Donny, is now 6 and he has been, by far, the hardest on our carpet of all the children.

I would say that we have some sort of occurrence almost daily. The thing is that we can live in our home knowing that it’s clean and sanitary because of the knowledge and skills acquired from operating a Chem-Dry franchise for 21 of the 27 years we’ve been married. I remember someone being kind enough to loan us a couch, early in our marriage, as we had none. The thing is no one could sit on it because it smelled like cat pee. At that time we have no idea what to do. We tried soap and water. It just seemed to make it sticky, which didn’t really matter because no one sat on it anyway. We got deodorizers. Total waste of money! All that did was offer a feeble attempt at blending flowers and cat pee. Yuck! We even rented one of those cleaning machines from the grocery store. Soak and suck! Those things are labor intensive and the clean-looking results are temporary at best. The soap just contributed to the stickiness left in the fabric.


Not only has Chem-Dry given us the gift of providing for our own, as well as our employees’ families but there are things I can do now for myself when faced with daily cleaning issues.

Like you, I have to schedule an appointment to have my own home carpets professionally cleaned by A Brighter Day Chem-Dry, but I now have the understanding, tools and skills to maintain my carpets, fabrics and leather myself in between those deep cleanings. That is totally empowering to me! Call us at 403-394-3370, or go to our website. Ask to be transferred to me if you can’t get your questions answered by our knowledgeable staff. We give free advice, tips and ideas. We want to help solve your tough cleaning problems and give you that same feeling of empowerment I get from “doing it myself”.