Filtration Lines

Do your carpets change color where the carpet meets the wall? Filtration lines, as these areas are known, are more prominent on light-colored carpet.

How did I get filtration lines?

Not being able to properly vacuum these corner areas is only one part of the problem. The small spaces between the boards allow air flow – this is impossible to avoid even in the best built homes! Beneath walls and doors, air passes through these small spaces because of temperature change and pressure differences. The air may be holding all kinds of debris and the carpet acts as a filter as the air passes through the boards, catching the filth. With time, these small particles accumulate, soiling and darkening your carpet.

How can I get rid of filtration lines?

Proper equipment is needed to eliminate these dirty filtration lines. The correct cleaning solution, with the help of deep cleaning and agitation, is necessary to remove the unwanted darkened edges. As professionals, at A Brighter Day Chem-Dry, we are well trained to get rid of your filtration line problems. With the best solutions in the industry, we are able to break up the oil, grime, and dirt particles that are locked in the carpet fibers extract them permanently from your home. No dirt attracting residues are left behind by our solution that steers clear of such components. Because of this, your home will stay cleaner for a much longer time.

Your home or business can benefit by calling on the professionals at A Brighter Day Chem-Dry to professionally clean the carpets. Don’t delay; call now to see a noticeable difference!