Allergen Removal

Allergies can turn even the sunniest of days into the most miserable day ever. In order to get rid of all the allergens that build up in your home during pollen season, it’s necessary to routinely and thoroughly clean your carpets and upholstery. Trust Chem-Dry to protect your home from the outside world and make your home a safe place when you need it.

Allergens, dust, germs and other potentially harmful particles congregate in your carpets, furniture and other upholstered items on a regular basis. As opposed to steam cleaning, which uses water to hide the mess, Chem-Dry professionals use a unique carbonated solution to remove unwanted particles from individual carpet fibers and lift them to the surface, where they can be safely and completely removed. Allergies make you suffer enough as it is – try Chem-Dry for allergy relief within your home!