The Complete Hard Floor Cleaning System

Rinse free, trouble free hard floor cleaning

Chem-Dry® hard floor cleaning system is a complete pack comprising of:

  • Chem-Dry® RazorTM Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x can of Chem-Dry® Hard Floor Cleaner
  • 1 x Reusable Pad

The RazorTM glides effortlessly across hard floors and cleans as it sprays. The reusable pads soak in the solution and lift dirt from your floors.

Each pad will clean approximately 250-300sq/ft.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes dirt and grime from wooden and laminate floors
  • No need for rinsing
  • Reusable absorbent and washable cleaning pads
  • Easy trigger handle operation
  • Portable and easy to use

Product Application for Best Results

  • Always follow the instructions on the can carefully
  • Always test a small area, prior to application

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Professional Home Care Products, please contact your local Chem-Dry representative.