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Carpet Cleaning Calgary

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Carpet Cleaning Calgary

The best carpet cleaning Calgary AB has is available through Chem-Dry. Giving you a cleaner, healthier residence accompanied by a quicker drying time frame, the specialists at A Brighter Day Chem-Dry can help you obtain the most optimal living condition for the home. Our course of action sets us apart from various other Calgary carpet cleaners and we’re bound to leave you satisfied!

Carpet Cleaning Calgary Professionals


A great deal of Calgary carpet cleaning companies work with large amounts of water, 80% more than what our company will benefit from. Our process is based on a carbonating formula instead of gallons of soapy water. With this perk, your carpets should be dry in a matter of a few hours rather than a few days like you will find with our competitors. Mould and mildew development shouldn’t be a worry, so your household will be much healthier.


As opposed to working with carpet cleaning shampoos, harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents we take advantage of a Hot Carbonating Extraction technique. The process uses the power of carbonation to bring dirt and debris from within the fibres to the surface for effective extraction. Your carpet will remain cleaner for a longer time, especially considering the fact that our solution leaves behind virtually no dirt attracting residual. With A Brighter Day Chem-Dry your house will feel fresh and clean on a deeper level!


Green carpet cleaning in Calgary is desired by many of our customers. The basic cleaning formula that we make use of at A Brighter Day Chem-Dry is green certified. With your comfort and health in mind, our approach is directed at assisting allergy sufferers and clearing out hazardous bacteria.

Chem-Dry delivers the best carpet cleaning in Calgary, AB. Call today for an estimate!




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