Spring Cleaning Day Two

Day 2

1.      Inside the Home

  •  Spring Cleaning Week means deep cleaning from room to room. #CLEAN
  •  A healthy home starts in its heart – the family room and kitchen areas. As you celebrate Spring Cleaning Week, consider the benefits of having your tile floors, upholstery and furniture, area rugs, and carpets deep cleaned with Chem-Dry’s innovative processes. Trust the experts at A Brighter Day Chem-Dry to help you complete a deep cleaning inside your home. 

2.          Ceilings

  • Don’t forget what’s above you this Spring Cleaning Week!  #CLEAN
  •  Spring Cleaning requires attention to details – and getting surfaces cleaned throughout the entire home. Don’t forget to replace any burned out light bulbs, to wipe out the insides of bowl-light fixtures, and to wipe down the fan blades on your ceiling fans. Do you have high ceilings that you didn’t notice? Cobwebs and dust can collect on slanted surfaces – so consider extension tools that will let you reach high to remove any cobwebs. Unique feather and synthetic dusters can help you reach those hard-to-reach areas. Visit your local hardware store. And, once that dust is collected on the floor, be sure to vacuum. And, since vacuums aren’t able to deep clean your carpets, call A Brighter Day Chem-Dry to schedule a deep cleaning service with Hot Carbonating Extraction.

3.          Walls

  • Walls need wiping too! Celebrate National Spring Cleaning Week. #CLEAN
  •  A damp rag with a gentle cleaning agent can help provide a fresh and vibrant scent to your home. Not only does dust collect on walls, but it also can collect in your carpets, deep down where vacuuming alone can’t remove it. Consider adding Chem-Dry to your list of annual Spring Cleaning rituals – so carpets and upholstery can get cleaned as well. Fortunately, Chem-Dry uses a green cleaning solution called The Natural – so it’s safe for kids and pets! Wiping walls and getting your carpets cleaned is essential for families who suffer from allergies and other illnesses.