Spring Cleaning Tips Day Four

Day 4

1.         Family Spaces

  • A  healthy home for a healthy family. #CLEAN
  • As part of Spring Cleaning Week, be sure to clean those spaces where the family congregates the most. Family and friends hang out in the kitchen, the family room and in the dining room regularly. Let the experts at Chem-Dry help make your Spring Cleaning simple and effective. From removing food spills from dining room upholstery to pet urine odors from your family room’s area rugs, the healthy home experts at Chem-Dry are prepared to clean, protect and sanitize the key surfaces in your home.

2.      Bedrooms

  • Spring Cleaning means deep cleaning bedrooms as well. #CLEAN
  • In addition to a good cleaning of family rooms and other shared spaces, Spring Cleaning should include routine deep cleaning activities in bedrooms – cleaning that is beyond your weekly and monthly routines. After all, we spend 1/3 of every day in our bedrooms. Deep clean carpets with a professional system such as Chem-Dry – for a deep clean that’s also green. Consider an application of Chem-Dry’s anti-allergen and sanitizer. Ask your Chem-Dry technician about additional services that can help keep your home’s bedrooms cleaner.

3.       Closets

  • Don’t forget to clean the bathrooms, laundry and closets in Spring Cleaning Week. #CLEAN
  • Spring Cleaning Week is the perfect opportunity to plan out your home’s deep cleaning ritual. Every room should be considered – including laundry rooms, bathrooms and closets. Clean and organize each room and ask the experts to help with deep cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile cleaning, stone floor cleaning, and grout cleaning. Even the smaller spaces in our homes need cleaning too.