Spring Cleaning Tips – Day Six

Day 6

1.     Floors – Area Rugs

  • Rugs need cleaning too! Spring Cleaning Week.
  • Clean your area rugs with Chem-Dry’s unique process. Spring Cleaning time is here.

2.      Prepare for a Season of Transition

  • Spring Cleaning leads to a healthy home for family summer fun.
  • Spring Cleaning is in the air. The Spring Equinox has arrived – and it’s time to transition from winter’s cold and dreary into  the sunny fun of summer.

3.    Outside / Yard

  • Don’t forget to clean inside and out – Spring Cleaning Week.
  • In addition to cleaning inside your house, consider the spaces outside that need care for a better spring season. Trim back the fountain grasses; sweep off the patio; rake the dead leaves out of the lawn. Prepare your home’s outdoor spaces for spring with a good cleaning as part of Spring Cleaning Week.