Spring Cleaning Tips Day Three

Day 3

  1. Kitchen – visible surfaces
  • The kitchen gets a Spring Cleaning update! Deep clean those counter-tops daily. #CLEAN
  •  Your kitchen has a variety of surfaces that need deep cleaning. Start by reaching out for professional help with a deep-cleaning service for your tile or stone floors. Special cleaners are designed to bring tile, stone and grout back the original color, shine and luster with a special clean and seal service from Chem-Dry.  In addition to your daily wipe-down of your kitchen countertops, use an ultra-deep cleanser from time to time – to ensure your surfaces are clean and safe. Since counter-tops come in a wide variety of surfaces that react differently to different chemicals, follow your installer’s guidelines. Be sure to sanitize all your surfaces.

2.  Kitchen – hidden surfaces

  • Spring Cleaning Week is the perfect time to wipe down your cabinets, inside and out. #CLEAN
  • In addition to a deep cleaning of your highly visible surfaces such as tile or stone floors and counter-tops, your spring cleaning activities should include organizing and cleaning your cupboards and drawers. Before wiping down the inside surfaces, take out the stacks of plates, the racks of spice, and the pots and pans. Consider installing a cabinet liner for an added layer of protection. As items go back, place those pieces that are most often used in the most-reachable locations. Organize spices and cooking supplies in ways that maximize your access and function, especially in small kitchens. Consider children and pets, who may try to access items that are accessible. Don’t forget to wipe down the inside of the cabinet doors as well as the outsides. Nothing compares to the fresh smell of a thoroughly cleaned kitchen.

3.  Kitchen – Fridge

  • Is your fridge PLUM out of space, then LETTUCE get cleaning. #CLEAN
  • If you CARROT all that your fridge is PLUM out of space, then LETTUCE get cleaning with Spring Cleaning Week well under way! Your fridge requires routine cleaning – deep cleaning – to sort through items and discard any expired foods, wash down all the surfaces, and keep foods at their freshest for your family. A fresh-smelling, clean fridge is an essential component in a healthy home. Additionally, deep cleaned tile floors, counter-tops, fabrics and leather furniture, and carpets can help round out the annual spring cleaning process.